Appointment Diary Options

Appointments Diary Options
The Appointments Diary Options give the PPS system users control over how the diary works, and how information is displayed in the diary. The Options screen that is displayed has 5 tabs along the top; one tab for each category of options as follows:

General Tab
-    Appointments with clients not yet entered in your PPS Client Details - The PPS user can specify if the PPS Diary allows you to enter appointments for "non-clients". This means simply typing in a name rather than searching from an existing client list. It is better to always enter appointments for existing client records – you are able to quickly add new clients when you add new appointments. This means that the client no is assigned when the appointment is made, and the remaining details such as address and profile details can be entered when the client arrives for their appointment.

-    Warning for Previous Appointment with different Diary User – The PPS user can select whether the diary warns them if they are are booking a client in with a different practitioner to their last appointment.

-    When completing a consultation – Choose whether to mark the appointment as completed as well.

-    When Client is marked as “Arrived” – optionally send a message to the practitioner seeing the patient, and also let the system display the confirmation of Client ID.

-    When a charge is created - Choose whether to mark the appointment as completed as well.

 - When opening Consultation screen - tick to allow the appointment status to change to “being seen” or not.

-    Default Appointment Duration Change – warn the user when a changed appears with regards to the appointment duration.

-    Allow Treatment Episodes to be assigned to Appointments – tick to enable or disable this feature.

-     Jayex Options – Tick to enable Jayex Board usage, and click the Options button to access further features.

Reminders Tab
-    Appointmenrt confirmations and Reminders – When booking an appointment that is ‘x’ days or weeks in the future, the system can prompt the user to create an appointment confirmation or an appointment reminder. Booking confirmations are sent straight away regardless of time and date and are simply enabled or disabled per contact method and activity template. Reminders base themselves on a future date range.

This is a reminder that will be scheduled for ‘x’ days before the appointment and can be either a telephone call, letter, SMS text message or e-mail. This is a way of quickly reminding your clients of their forthcoming appointment several days before hand – useful when the appointment was made weeks or months ago. The PPS approach to reminders such as these is that the user creates them at the time the appointment is made, and then they do not have to worry about the reminder until it is due – where PPS then prompts the user automatically to process/complete the reminder.

-    Appointment Follow-Up Reminders – follow ups can be enabled here which are governed by the activity template type.

-    Dedicated Label Printer – labels can be printed automatically once an appointment is created by selecting this option.

Diary Tab
-    Day Starts and Ends – Used to control the shaded areas of the "Diary" style diary display, also used as the start and end times for a new diary user when they are set up with a default diary.

-    Default Appointment Duration – Set to ‘0’ to disable.

-     Screen Refresh Rate – this affects the daily appointments list screen, Diary Refresh Rate and Walk in List. You only need to set a refresh rate if you are working on a networked system. Set at zero for no refresh rate. If the refresh rate is set, then the daily appointments list/diary will refresh every n seconds. when your screen refreshes, any changes to appointments such as new appointments, status such as arrived, completed, etc. will be automatically updated on the screen.

-    Diary Display Settings and Column Order - Click to change the relevant settings. This is the display that will be used whenever the user displays the diary at the beginning of each day. The diary view style can be changed whilst using the diary, but this setting is the one that is remembered for the start of each

-    Items to include in diary display – Tick to enable or disable specific items on the display.

-    Diary Columns Display – these settings apply to the “Single Day” diary view only. If the PPS user has several practitioners, they can select for the diary column for practitioners who are not working on a given day to be moved to the right of the diary columns display. This is very useful if they have lots of practitioners set up and several of them only work one or two days per week; on the days that they are not working, their column is moved to the right hand side of the diary display and the practitioners who are working that day are displayed in the first columns.

Appointments Display Tab
there are various display options for which details to include when displaying appointments, how to display the client name and display options for the "list" style diary with font selections, sizes and colours.

Utilities Tab
This is a useful option to allow PPS users to move appointments "in bulk" from one diary user and or treatment room to another. This can be for a specified date range. For example, If a practitioner is leaving the clinic, or away on leave, then all of their appointments between the selected dates can be moved to another practitioner.


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