Appointments Diary

Appointments Diary

Appointments Diary Menu
The diary menu bar situated at the top of the appointments diary screen provides quick button access to creating new appointments, modifying them and deleting them.

Further along the menu are options to block out time slots on the diary for multiple reasons - These can be created, modified and deleted in the PPS Look Up Table Menu, furthermore the user can add a note regarding a specific practitioners diary session, book in an event and add in or select a client that is currently on the PPS Holding List.

Finally there are options to search for specific appointment slots or a particular client’s appointment schedule, print out a section of the appointments diary and also refresh the diary screen manually.

Appointment Diary Navigation
The PPS Appointments Diary will default to the current day or week as standard. There are single and double chevron buttons which indicate the ability to move forwards and backwards by day or week. The calendar date button will allow instant access back to the current day or week’s diary.

The red symbol of a double chevron indicate the option to use the 'Jump to Date' feature, which is often used when moving forwards or backwards over large periods of time.

Appointment Diary Views
The Appointments Diary provides the ability to view all locations or specific locations, if these have been pre-defined within the PPS Look-Up tables. Furthermore, there will be options to view specific diary users or specific diary user 'disciplines' - this is dependent on the current diary view setting that has been chosen.

Appointment Diary 'Status' Buttons
The Diary Status buttons are located along the top right of the PPS Appointments diary - This are used as 'quick' buttons. If a client has been highlighted on the appointments diary, simply clicking one of the 4 status buttons will induce the required status, from marking the client as being arrived, to marking the patient as not attending their time slot.

Diary users and Time Slots
Each PPS Diary user is viewable by day or week, and can also be shown per column or per row. Initially a newly created diary user is set up with a week’s diary of 9am until 5pm with no location, treatment room or description of diary slot assigned - this can then be configured via the 'Set Up Appointment Diaries' section within the Tools menu along with start and end times for the diary users, as well as appointment duration.

Tip: Diary users can have more than one appointment slot 'description' to control morning appointment slots, non-available lunchtime slots and afternoon appointment slots.

Diary Menu
The Diary menu is accessed from the PPS Menu at the top or by right clicking on the appointment diary itself. This menu allows quick access to multiple actions in one list, from copying and appointment slot and pasting an appointment slot, to sending the highlighted client an SMS text message or changing the diary style view. This menu can also be chosen by right clicking on the appointments diary, giving a different set of options to optionally select.

Diary View Settings
In the top right corner the PPS Appointments diary, if the 'Diary Style' view is currently being used, there will be plus and minus buttons which allow the user to zoom in and out of the diary itself, allowing and increase and decrease of column and row sizes.

Additionally there is the ability to add and remove columns depending on the current diary style view setting, by using the plus and minus buttons in the bottom left area of the appointments diary, along with two shortcut buttons which switch the current user between single diary users and multiple diary user views.

Further on from this, in version v4.0.65 and onwards there is the ability to click the 'character' icon – doing so will hide all booked appointment slots, for a much quicker view setting when looking for available appointments at a glance.

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