Archived Appointments

Archived List
The Appointments Archive option allows you to archive your older appointments diary records. Once you have archived your diary, the archived appointments can be accessed both from here and through the PPS Client Log for each client.

The PPS Appointments diary does not show archived appointments, so you would normally only archive appointments old enough for you not to need to refer to them at all in the diary, for example appointments more than one year old or more.

Viewing Archived Appointments
Archived appointments can be viewed by practioner if required. The Archived list itself will show the main information of each appointment for an 'At a Glance' view. Each column itself can be moved left or right by clicking and dragging to either side of its original location.

Highlighting an appointment enables you to then click on 'View' - This will show all of the appointment details, in the same manner as the 'New Appointment' screen does from the PPS diary.

Deleting Archived Appointments
Specific appointments can be highlighted and removed from this list by clicking 'Delete'. Please Note - This will remove the appointment entirely from the system and this cannot be rectified.


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