Backing UpBackups
PPS provides the ability to backup your data from within the software. The backup of data can be used in conjunction with the “Restore” option if a systems data ever needs to be restore after a computer failure or malfunction.

It is important to note that when dealing with client information, there are often legal requirements to save a daily copy of your data which is stored offsite, whether this be a secured via an safe online storage facility or kept offsite via a removable hard drive or memory stick.

Each backup can be configured to save specific areas of PPS - These include the main DATA folder, your Letters folder, Charts folder, etc. Running the Back up option produces a single file – this is a ZIP file which is a common type of “compressed” file.
You can select to encrypt the file which automatically issues a password with the file, so that the data contained within the file cannot be accessed except by the PPS restore program (this password is also specific to your own PPS system). You can select to copy the back up file to an external hard disk or USB drive, CD-R or DVD-R.

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