Creating a New Client Record

Creating a New Client record

From the Client Details Screen

Task Bar -> Client Details or PPS Menu -> Client -> Main Client Detail or <Alt C>


If you have just logged into PPS then the Client Search screen will be displayed. In either case click <New>.  The Client screen is displayed with all fields empty except the Status field which defaults to ‘Active’.  If you have logged into PPS as a Practitioner then this field will default to your name.


The cursor will initially be placed in the Ref. field. 

The screen is then divided into the following sections Client Name and Address, Profile, Contacts and Notes.  You can access these sections either by using the scroll bar or by clicking the tabs in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Some of the fields have a tick box beside them.  Tick this box if you wish to display that information in the Client Log.

In some of the look up tables, for example the Occupation table, you may find occasionally that the entry you require is not in the list.  In these cases you have the option to add the new entry to the list by clicking <Add> in the top right corner of the screen.



You can enter as much or as little detail as you like.  Obviously if you wish to enter into correspondence with the client then you will need to record their full address and/or e-mail address.










The Profile section comprises of two standard fields, Source of Introduction and Occupation and a collection of user defined fields that you will have set up previously under Tools -> Options -> Custom Client Fields










Initially the contacts section of the Client screen shows just fields to enter doctors details.  If you need to add further contacts then click <Add a Contact>.  This will display a list of third-party contact types for you to choose from.  Pick a contact type and a new set of contact fields will appear.










The Default Notes field is used to populate the notes field for any new record added for this client.

The Critical Notes field is used to alert the user each time this client is selected.

The Notes field is an unlimited free text field allowing you to enter further miscellaneous details about the client.









When you have finished entering the details click <Save>.


From the Appointment Diary

Task Bar -> Diary or PPS Menu -> Appointments -> Appointments Diary or <Alt A>

This is useful for when a new patient is booking an appointment for the first time.


Double click the relevant appointment.  Enter all or part of the patient surname and press <Enter>.


The Client Search screen is displayed showing either an empty list or list of matching patient names.  As this is a new patient click <New>.


A small Client Details window is displayed allowing you to record contact details.  Further details about the client can be entered later, using the Main Client Details screen.  For example: when they arrive for their appointment.


When you have finished entering the details click <OK>.  This will take you back to the New Appointment screen where the full name is displayed and a new client number allocated.


When you have finished creating the new appointment details click <OK>.  The new appointment will be displayed in the diary with a ‘>>’ next to the name to show that they are a new client.


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