Custom Forms Maintenance

custom forms
PPS provides the ability to create and maintain a multitude of customised forms for your practice. These forms can be from a simple client discharge summary to a fully detailed assessment form with images and graphs in use.

Each form is contained within a category that is denoted by a folder structure within this screen. Clicking the ‘New’ button will allow the user to create a new form. Alternatively, once a form is highlighted, it can be modified or deleted using the appropriate buttons respectively.

When adding new Customs Form into the system a ‘Form Category’ and ‘Form Heading’ will be required, along with the options of making the form active or inactive, and optionally adding this to a ‘Favourites’ list.

Custom Forms will contain a set list of questions with their appropriate headings and sub-headings. The questions created are unique to each individual form though existing questions and answers can be used in other forms when required. Moreover each form can have its own style and appearance depending on the user preference, along with questions being ordered into any sequence the user wishes.

Additionally, Custom Forms can also be loaded and saved manually from one PPS system to another.

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