Daily Appointments List

Date, Location and Practioner
The date defaults to todays date, unless a different date has been chosen from the appointments diary screen. The date can be over-written if you need to look at any other set date. Locations can optionally be chosen if you wish to breakdown the list more specifically, along with the option to select a specific practioner as well.

Appointment Details
The daily list offers a simplified diary view of the currently selected day, showing the appointment time, client name, appointment type and client number firstly.

You can then view and change the tick box selection for appointments noting a clients first appointment (which can be a useful reporting detail), check them as being arrived, being seen, completed, if they have DNA'd, and if there are any special notes for this clients appointment.

The Daily list screen will also show you if a client has been charged, invoiced and paid along with who the client is seeing and which location the appointment has optionally been set to.


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