e-mailsSending an E-mail
E-Mails in PPS are part of the PPS Activities system. You can send E-Mails directly from within PPS. This is dependant upon your computer being configured to either use Microsoft® Outlook, Oulook Express or your Direct SMTP settings to send e-mails.

To send an e-mail, either select the option from the PPS Menu: > Activities > Send an E-Mail, or click on Send an E-Mail on the PPS Task Bar. The 'Send an E-Mail' screen allows a PPS user to select either a client (the client you are currently working with is automatically selected) a third party, or an anonymous contact. You can type in the subject and body of the e-mail message in the first instance,along with attaching a document to the e-mail. Like all PPS Activity records, the e-mail can be scheduled to send later if required by setting the due date/time, along with a specific practitioner or group to be notified.

Recipients and Templates
If a client has a third party assigned, on the drop down menu on either of the 'To' or 'CC' e-mail address box, then the third parties e-mail details are also selectable.

Activity templates can be optionally setup for e-mails within PPS, which can include Merge Fields, and are often used for appointment booking confirmations and reminders, along with producing mass mailshots and follow up appointment reminders.

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