Invoice Layout Designer

Invoice Layout Designer
invoice layout designerThis list contains the templates that are used to print the invoices from PPS. They can be set up with a variety of invoice templates for different purposes – or typically for different invoice types such as client, insurance companies, clubs, etc.

PPS is supplied with a “Standard invoice layout” and "Standard Invoice Layout - No Payment Details" that cannot be changed; however users can make copies of the standard invoice layouts and change it to their own requirements, including using the logo button to insert a graphic or image for the heading of the layout.

It is worth noting that you will need to be careful of the type of changes that you make to the layout, as incorrect changes to the layout can cause the invoice print to fail. In this case you may have to revert back to the original layout and try making your changes again.

Users can select which invoice layout to use each time they print an invoice. You can select from the PPS "Invoice Options" to set up which layout to use by default for each invoicee type (client, insurance, club, etc.) when you select to print an invoice, the default layout is selected for you

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