Invoice Options

Invoice Optionsinvoice options

The invoice options screen, accessible from the tools menu, allows PPS users to specify which details are printed out on an invoice along with the default template used to present the invoice.

Invoices to the various invoicee types are all able to be set up differently, this means that those being sent to clients may include less information than invoices being sent to insurance companies.

If you have created custom client fields to record information you can choose to include this on the invoice as well.

The default template you choose to present your invoices on will be used whenever an invoice is produced, however this can be changed at any point in one off situations where a different template is needed.

The final section of the screen allows you to choose the settings for the date presented on the invoice – either by date of charge, or by date of invoice creation. Once complete simply click “apply” then “OK” and your new invoice settings will be in place.

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