Label Layout Designer

Label Layout Designer
PPS provides custom labels that the user can print and use on envelolabel layout designerpes if they do not use window envelopes. Labels are used as an activity type. The PPS activities created here print to either a dedicated label printer such as the DYMO LabelWriter™ or standard A4 label sheet layout which is 2 across by 8 down. (The Avery™ label code for this style of label sheet is L7162.)

Label Print Spool
PPS has a label print spool that can be used to print a whole A4 sheet of labels at once, by accumulating individual labels gradually until a whole page is full. Alternatively the user can also print a single label on an A4 sheet in any position, so they can run a single A4 sheet through your printer several times printing one or two labels in selected positions each time. The PPS user can also print many labels at once by selecting “Labels” as the output option from a PPS Report as well as also being able to print appointment details on a label when booking a new appointment.


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