Label Print Spool

label print spoolLabel print Selection
PPS includes the function to access and edit the 'Label Print Spool' when using an A4 Address Label sheet containing 2 x 8 labels.

The current label that has been selected for printing will display itself at the top of ther screen.

Print Spool
When printing a label, if the user chooses to print to an A4 sheet, they will have the option of using the 'Print Label Now' Option which will allow a specific label from the sheet to be chosen, and then printed or previewed, with the added option of printing label on the entire 2 x 8 sheet.

Using the 'Spool to Print Later' option will enable a specific label(s) to be allocated on the 2 x 8 sheet of labels. This allocation will then stay until the label sheet is printed, regardless of how many times you exit this specific area.

Each option allows the user to preview the label sheet before printing, and within the 'Spool to Print Later' area, they can remove a label that has been previously allocated by using the 'Clear' button.


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