Letter Layout Designer

Letter Layout Designer
lettr layout
This is the template that is used to print letters in PPS. PPS has its own simple word processor built in that can be used if the user does not have access to use Microsoft® Word.
PPS allows changes to be applied to the basic template of the letter to use a companies own preferred fonts, and include their own practice logo if required. Users will need to be careful of the type of changes that are made to the layout, as incorrect changes to the layout can cause letter printing to fail. In this case you may have to revert back to the original layout and try making the changes again.
Users can either select to modify the layout, click on the 'Logo' button to attach an image automatically to the letter layout designer or revert to the default layout. There is another option on the PPS Tools menu – 'Set up PPS Letterhead'. This option can be used to enter your practice name/address/contact details without the need to change the letter layout using the layout designer.

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