Send a Letter
Letters are an activity type in PPS. This option can be selected at any time to send a letter to either a client or a third-party that has been previously created on the system, or to an anonymous contact that is not on the system. This screen can be accessed by either selecting from the PPS Menu > Activities > Send a Letter, or by selecting “Send a Letter” from the PPS Task Bar on the left hand side.

In addition you can also select to send a letter as part of your clinical notes recording. When sending a letter, there is the choice of either selecting a standard letter from your list of standard PPS letters, or by simply typing a letter using the PPS letter editor before printing and sending. Letters can either be sent now or scheduled to be sent in the future.

Letter Selections
Letters created in PPS can be assigned to specific practitoners with specific due dates and times. Furthermore by clicking on 'Auto-Notify', the practitioner selected who is responsible for completing the letter activity will be prompted by a pop up box at the due date and time.

Depending on the letter that is being selected, there are options to auto preview the letter, and to automatically print off an address label via a label printer when the letter is printing off.

If the activity has appeared as an action to process, it can be postponed by an chosen amount of minutes, hours, days, etc if required.

Microsoft Word
If using Microsoft Word to print a letter, then the list of standard letters (which can include very simple templates that simply have the client’s address/salutation details at the top) will include letters that have been set up in Word. By using the 'Open' button, PPS can edit and then save the Word document before printing or e-mailing this onto the contact that is chosen.


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