Look Up Tables

look up tables

Look up Tables are used in PPS to control the entries that are allowed in certain fields. This means that the user can restrict what values are input to just those that they want recorded.

For example, when adding a new appointment, the “Appointment Type” look up table can contain entries such as “Initial Assessment”, “New Patient” or “Hydrotherapy”. This helps when running reports as the user can select to break down the results of their report by the look up table entry thus minimising the number of different entries (especially slight variations of spellings).

Some Look Up tables will store additional default values. For example the 'Appointment Type' table can optionally have a Charge Codes associated with each entry. When the selected entry is used for an appointment, the charge code will be automatically selected for you when the user creates the charge for the appointment.

The PPS System Administrator controsl which PPS users has access to setting up and maintaining 'Look Up Tables' as part of the PPS Access Control system.


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