send a message

Sending a Message
A message is a PPS activity type, and is part of an internal PPS messaging system that can be used between users of PPS on a network of more than one computer.

This is a simple text message (that can be optionally related to a client) and can be sent from one PPS user to another, or all other users.

Networked PPS Systems
When PPS is running on a network of computers in your practice, this means that instant messages can be sent between users on different computers. To send a message, select either from the PPS Menu > Activities > Send a Message, or click Send a Message on the PPS Task Bar. You can then type in the message, and select who the message should be sent to.

If you send the message to All Users, then each user will receive their own copy of the message. PPS will check for messages every 'n' seconds while you are logged into PPS. When you receive a message, a pop-up window appears informing you of the message, here you can choose to either read the message, or postpone it for a while where it will pop up again later.

PPS automatically checks for messages, which can be changed. The User Profile screen in Setup System Users includes a setting to determine how many seconds or minutes PPS checks for messages.

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