Modifying an Invoice

Modifying an Invoice

Accounts screen, Accounts ->Invoice/Receipts List or the Client Log.


From any of the screens mentioned above, highlight the invoice and click <Modify> or double click the invoice to open the Invoice Details screen. 

You can only make changes to un-issued invoices.  If the invoice has been issued but you are authorised to make changes then un-tick the Is this invoice issued box.


You can make changes to any part on the invoice including the invoice date, address and additional heading, the charge/charges that make up the invoice, payments and who the invoicee is.

The one thing that you cannot change is the invoice number as this is automatically generated by PPS.


Modifying Charges

You can create new charges to add to the invoice, add existing charges, modify a charge, remove a charge or delete the charge completely.  Click <Charges> to access these options.

Modifying Payments

You can record new payments against the invoice, modify an existing payment, un-allocate a payment or delete the payment completely.  Click <Payments> to access these options.

Changing the Invoicee.

If the invoice has already been paid then un-allocate the payment first.  Click <Change Invoicee> to display the Select Invoicee screen.  Here you can select either the client or a third-party.  When selecting the third party, a list of third parties currently associated with the client will be displayed.  Either select one in the list or click Select Another Third-Party to display the Contact List screen to find one that isn’t currently associated with the client.  Once selected you will have the option of attaching the new third-party to the client’s details.  (If the client has no third-party contacts currently associated with them then the Contact List will be displayed.)  If the third-party contact is not in the list then you can create a new one by clicking <New> in the Contact List screen.


Once you have made your changes you can print the invoice or click <Close> to save your changes.


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