Personal Actions

Personal Actions
Personal ActionsA Personal Action is a PPS Activity record. You can use a personal action as a personal reminder, or “to-do” item. A personal action can optionally be related to a client or a third-party contact.

You can create a Personal Action by either selecting from the PPS Menu > Activities > New Personal Action; or select from the PPS Menu > Activities > Activities List, then click the 'New' button and select Personal Action.

Additional Details
As with all PPS activities, you can select a Due Date and Time, priority, select which practitioner is responsible for the activity, and which system user is responsible for completing the activity.

You can enter a heading and notes – these describe the activity, or detail your actions towards completing the activity.

All activities have a selection of options to include the activity on the daily task list and the appointments diary printout. You can enter completion details when the activity is complete, or postpone the activity to become due at a later date.

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