PPS Remote Clients

This guide will show you how to use PPS Remote to Add to, Edit and Search your PPS Client database.

If you are a PPS Online user or have a hosted PPS Remote system then skip the pre-requisites.

Pre-requisites to this guide are that the PPSv4 Polling Station program is running – this runs in the system tray, a small Rushcliff ‘r’ circular logo. If the Polling Station doesn’t appear to be running then it can be launched from the Start menu or directly from the PPS-Database folder – pps4-polling-station.exe.

Step 1. Log in to PPS Remote

  1. Your PPS Remote user credentials should have been given to you, if not, contact your System Administrator.

  2. Go to http://www.rushcliff.com/ppsremote:

  3. Enter your User ID and Password and click Login.

Search Clients

To search Clients in PPS Remote:
  1. Click Clients from the top menu or the Home page.

  2. Enter your search query – this must be two characters or more and can be in the form “Surname Firstname” – so a valid query to search for Jack Johnson could be “johns ja” – and click Search.

  3. Your search results will then be displayed showing the most relevant records first, with the matched text highlighted in bold.

  4. From here, you can Book a new Appointment for one of the search results by clicking the Client’s name, Edit the Client by clicking the pencil icon or Add a new Client by clicking the + at the end of the Search results.

    This screen will also keep details of the Currently selected Client, Previous selections and Previous searches. You can then click for details of any of these Clients or re-run a Previous search.

  5. If you click through to view/edit a Client’s details, you can make any necessary changes and then click Save:

Add a New Client

To add a new Client in PPS Remote:
  1. On the Clients page click + to the left of the search box - or at the bottom of search results.

  2. You should then fill in as many Client details as you wish – only the Surname field is mandatory – and click Save.

  3. The system will then return the saved Client details. The newly added Client is then set as your Current Client and you can view all appointments for this Client or Book a new one.


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