Preparing a Label

Preparing a Label

Activities -> Prepare a Label or Activities -> Activities List

Private Practice Software uses Avery L7162 or equivalent A4 Address Label sheets containing 2 x 8 labels or labels supplied with a dedicated label print such as the Dymo LabelWriter400.


Select the person responsible for the label by clicking <Down Arrow> and selecting the relevant entry.


If the label is going to be prepared at a later date, select the Due Date and Time. Alternatively you can click <Due In …> next to the time and specify a time period.  For example: 1 week, 3 months etc.  Your selection here will update the Due Date and Time.


Optionally select a practitioner associated with the label.


Select who the label is for.  You can select a client in the normal way or select a third party by clicking the radio button and entering the name of the third party in much the same way as selecting the client. 

If you selected a client the client address will be displayed and also any associated third-party addresses.  For example: Insurance Company, Doctor etc.  Click the relevant entry on the left of the label to show the address details.

You can update the address if necessary by typing in the Address Label field.

You can also select that the label is not a client or third party to allow you to enter you own address label.
You can select from a range of standard label templates from the list on the left including your own templates you have created from the PPS Menu Tools - Activity Templates.


Enter the subject of the label.  This subject will show in the Activities List, Task List and Client Log.


Enter any other relevant information about the label in the Notes field.


Choose to include the activity in the Task List and/or when printing out the diary.


Although you can manually enter an Outcome and Completed details, these are entered automatically when completing the label.


Click <Print> to open the Label Print Selection screen where you have the choice of either printing the single label now or spooling it to print later.

Print Single Label Now

Double click the relevant label position.  The address will appear on the label.  Click <Print>

Spool To Print Later

Double click the relevant label position.  The address will be added to the label sheet.  Click <Print> when you have added all the labels you require.  You can also print the label spool later: Activities -> Label Print Spool.


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