Price Profiles

Price profiles allow you to create a record of one charge with differing costs based on practitioner, location or invoicee.

This feature keeps your list of standard charges to a minimum and reduces the risk of error, helping you to utilise PPS as efficiently as possible.

To begin setting up your Price Profiles navigate to Tools >Look Up Tables. In the Accounts Tables section highlight Standard Charges and Stock Items and choose Open.

Once here select the charge you'd like to set a Price Profile for and choose Modify.

Note: You can find information on setting up new Standard charges and stock items here.

This Initial Assessment has a standard charge cost of £30. Select Price Profiles to set an alternative cost:

To create a Price Profile select New in the bottom corner of the Price Profile screen. If you need to modify an existing instance then highlight it in the list and choose Modify.

In the above example whenever an Initial Assessment charge is raised under the practitioner Dr John Smith the cost that will populate will be £40 rather than the £30 that is standard for the charge item.

As well as by location and practitioner you can add Profiles based on Invoicee where, for example a charge may cost more when issued to one particular insurance company.

You can use just one of these filters, two as shown above or all three to define the parameters of the price profile.

Once your price profiles are in place (you can create as many as you like under each charge item) each time you raise that charge PPS will automatically pull through the correct cost based upon your selection.


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