Printing an Invoice

Printing an Invoice/Receipt

You can print an invoice or receipt from several screens including the Accounts -> Accounts screen, when creating or modifying an invoice, the Accounts -> Invoice/Receipts List, Invoice Processing and the Client Log.

1. When creating or modifying an invoice click the "Print and Preview" button to display  Print Invoices screen.

2. There may be more than one invoice shown in the list, depending on the previous screen, but the invoice you just selected will be highlighted.

3. Printing a single invoice:

You can select who to address the invoice to, this defaults to the invoicee chosen at the time of creating the charge or charges.You can also select an invoice layout, this defaults to the one specified in the Invoice Options screen.

Printing multiple invoices.

If you have several invoices to print then you can select which ones you wish to print by either highlighting each one (hold the shift key whilst clicking each of the desired invoices ) or by clicking and choosing all, issued or not issued.You can change who the invoices are addressed to and change the layout in the same way as above.If you are printing several invoices to the same invoicee you can choose to print the invoices out individually or as one invoice by clicking the relevant radio button.

4. You can preview the invoice before printing by clicking .

5. Click to print the invoice.

6. Click close to exit the screen the Print Invoices screen.


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