Raising an Invoice

Creating/Raising an Invoice

Invoices are created from charges. If the client/invoicee is paying at the time of creating the charge then PPS will automatically create the invoice. Invoices can be created from several different areas within PPS dependant on what you are currently doing.

You can create an invoice on completion of a consultation or appointment, once the charge has been created. You can create an invoice at any time, provided you have selected a client and at least one charge has been created, by clicking raise an invoice on the task bar or clicking cash desk or pressing F11 to open Cash Desk.

Creating an invoice from the Consultation/Complete Appointment screen

The option to create an invoice is present when completing both a consultation or an appointment. There are two options that allow for the creation of an invoice from this screen: "Invoice Now, Pay Later" or "Pay Now"

Invoice Now, Pay Later

Use this option when you want to give/send an invoice for payment if the payment is not being made at the same time.You will be asked if you want to print the invoice. Click to display the Print Invoices screen where you have further print options. (See Printing an Invoice/Receipt.). The two left hand buttons will disappear from the screen and a message is displayed confirming the charge and invoice you have created.

Pay Now

Use this option if the person you are raising the invoice for wishes to pay at the same time. Clicking will reveal a list of payment methods, select one by clicking on it. You will then be asked whether you wish to print a receipt. Click to display the Print Invoices screen where you have further print options. (See Printing an Invoice/Receipt.). All three buttons to the left of cash desk will disappear and a message is displayed confirming that the charge and invoice has been created and a payment recorded.

Cask Desk

Use this option if you wish to add further charges to the same invoice. For example: if the client purchased any stock items. (See Cash Desk).

Creating an invoice from "Raise an Invoice" on the Task Bar

1. Click "Raise an Invoice"

Click raise an invoice. If there are no charges available to create the invoice then a message is displayed prompting you to create the charge first. If there are charges available then the Create Invoices from Charges window is displayed.

2. The Create Invoices from Charges screen shows you all invoices that can be created for the client. (For example, the list could include one to the insurance company and one to the client for additional sundry charges.)For each invoice that you select in the list, you can change the invoice address if required and confirm which charges to include on the invoice by ticking or un-ticking each entry under the Include column. These charges are listed in the bottom half of the screen. When you have selected your charges, click "Create Invoice". If you have more than one potential invoice in the list you can create them all in one go by clicking "Create all Invoices". This will create an invoice for each of the potential invoices in the top list that are selected in the Select to Include column.

3. The Issue Invoice screen is displayed. You can finalise the invoice by selecting to issue the invoice. You can add further charges to a non-issued invoice later if necessary, confirm whether the invoice is paid and print it. (See Printing an Invoice/Receipt.)Marking the invoice as "Issued" protects the invoice from further changes. It can, however, be un-issued later by users with sufficient access rights if changes are required. If you wish to make further changes to the invoice then click "Modify Invoice"

Creating an invoice from Cash Desk

1. (See Cash Desk.)


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