Reindexing The Database

ReindexingPPS has an option on the Tools menu for database maintenance. This includes a Re-index All Data Files option and an optional 'Audit Archive' option. The Re-Index option reorganizes your data files to ensure optimum speed of access to your records during normal PPS use.
Note: Backing up PPS before running a re-index is highly advised.

To perform a re-index you need to make sure that you are the ONLY person logged into PPS and if you are a PPS Sync Server user, it is shut down before proceeding.

This option also identifies and fixes a range of minor database corruptions that are sometimes caused by computer failures, power cuts, etc. The Archive option allows you to archive your older audit records on a month by month basis.
Note: If the re-indexing process finds a corruption with a file, it will ask the user to repair this file. Please make sure there is an up to date back up that can be restored into the system, as fixing the file may causes data loss.

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