Searching for a Client

Selecting/Searching for a Client Record

This can be done in several ways.  PPS always remembers the last client you selected and will use that client in any screen until you change the client.


Clicking <Search> in the Client Details screen.

The Client Search screen will be displayed.  You can either enter all or part of a surname.  (If it is a common surname then you can optionally enter the first initial to reduce the potential number of results.)

You can also use other search criteria including Ref., D.O.B., Post Code, Client Number and other miscellaneous fields.  The miscellaneous fields are listed by clicking the Address1 <Down Arrow>.

One of the miscellaneous fields is telephone number.  This is useful if someone left a message (where you can see the telephone number) but not their name.

In all of the search fields, apart from D.O.B. and Client Number, you can type part of the search entry.  For example searching for all clients with a particular STD code.

When you have found the client, highlight them and click <Select>


Clicking Client Browse on the Task Bar to display a list of clients.

The Client Browse screen will list all clients in your database.  Within this screen you can select the order in which you wish to view the clients.  For example: If you cannot find a client using the Search screen it maybe due to a misspelling of their surname.  Viewing the clients in surname order will allow you to locate the client more easily.

You can select the Client Search screen by clicking <Search>.

You can change the order and size of the columns and the size of the Client Browse window and save your changes by clicking <Save Settings>.

The <Auto Preview> allows you to view all the relevant details about the current client on the right-hand side of the screen.

Once you have found the client, highlight them and click <Open>


Clicking the Search option on the Task Bar and then selecting the Client Screen.

This is the same as item 1 but you are selecting the client prior to displaying the Client Details screen.


Highlighting the client’s appointment in the Appointments Diary and clicking the Client Details on the Task Bar.

This is by far the quickest way of selecting a client.


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