Sending a Letter

Sending a Letter

Activities -> Send a Letter or Task Bar -> Send a Letter or Activities -> Activities List


Select the person responsible for the letter by clicking <Down Arrow> and selecting the relevant entry.


If the letter is going to be sent at a later date, select the Due Date and Time. Alternatively you can click <Due In …> next to the time and specify a time period.  For example: 1 week, 3 months etc.  Your selection here will update the Due Date and Time.


Optionally select a practitioner associated with the letter.


Select who the letter is for.  You can select a client in the normal way or select a third party by clicking the radio button and entering the name of the third party in much the same way as selecting the client.  You can also select that the letter is not going to either a client or third party.  Any contact telephone numbers relating to the client or third party will be displayed.


Enter the subject of the letter.  If left blank it will use the name of the selected letter.  This subject will show in the Activities List, Task List and Client Log.


If you are going to use a standard letter template click the Template <down arrow>.  Select the appropriate letter from the list.

This list has two columns.  The first column shows the name of the letter template and the second column show the name of the document if a Word document.

If you don’t wish to use a letter template, leave blank.


Enter any other relevant information about the letter to be sent in the Notes field.


Choose to include the activity in the Task List and/or when printing out the diary.


Although you can manually enter an Outcome and Completed details, these are entered automatically when sending the letter.


Click <Send> to open the Letter Editor screen or Word dependant on the letter template chosen.

PPS Letter Template

The contents of the letter are displayed.  Before printing the letter you can change the text and also introduce further merge fields by clicking <Fields>.  Click <Print> to print the letter.

Word Letter Template

Word is opened showing the contents of the letter ready to be modified if necessary and printed.


Click <Yes> to confirm that the letter has been completed (printed).


The letter template may have a follow up activity associated with it.  (See Setting Up PPS -> Standard Letters.)  Click <Yes> to create the follow up activity.


Finally click <Close>.


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