Set up Practitioners & System Users

System User Details

To set up PPS Users the current user must first be Logged In to PPS as the System Administrator. This shows a list of current users which can modified or deleted, with the ability to create new PPS users.

When adding or modifying a user, this will then open up the User Profile screen where the System Administrator can enter details about the user. The screen has 5 tabs.

Here you can enter the User’s full name, their initials (will be used to stamp updates this user makes to records in PPS), Job Title (eg. Chartered Therapist), Discipline (this can be used as part of the report criteria which is useful if a clinic supports several disciplines), Register No. (can be used to print on invoices) and User Group (Useful if you would like to group 'Admin' staff together etc. which can then be used to assign activities or send messages to particular user groups).

User Set Up

User Set Up is used to determine if the user is a Practitioner, and if they have an appointments diary – not all users may be practitioners, nor have an appointments diary – a receptionist for example. You can also set up a commission rate that the practitioner receives. This commission rate can be superseded by entries in the Practitioner Commission Rates tables. If you are using the online appointment booking service you can also define how you wish this user's name to appear on your website.

Log In Details

Log In Details sets up the system user's log in ID and password, plus how often this user should be forced to change their password.

PPS Messages

PPS Messages sets how often PPS automatically checks for messages/activities for this user when they are logged in. Uncheck the 'Receive Messages from PPS Support' box if you do not wish this user to receive messages regarding support contract renewals etc. Finally, you can define a WAV file if you wish to receive a notification sound when a new message has been received.

Access Control

The Access Control tab defines the Access settings for this user. When clicking on the Access Settings button, the access settings screen is displayed to allow the System Administrator to select which parts of PPS this user has access to.


The Preferences tab gives you the ability to customise the user's task bar (colour, style, font). This is the only tab which can be modified by the user without the need to be a system administrator. If this system user will have an appointments diary, you can specify here if you want the practitioner to receive an email and/or SMS message should a new appointment be booked in their diary or an appointment is DNA'd.

System Administrator

The System Administrator in PPS is the “prime” user – normally the first user who installed the software – and is responsible for setting up each of the other required PPS Users, including setting up which parts of PPS each user has access to. The system administrator automatically has full access to all parts of PPS, including clinical notes that have been “made private” by other practitioners.

You should never forget the Log In details for the system administrator, as you need these to be able to change the log in details for all your other PPS users. Keep the log in details stored somewhere safe in case you forget them!

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