Setup Activity Templates

The ‘Activity Templates’ screen in PPS is an area that is used to create templates that can utilise existing details of your clients to create methods of contacting your patient or third party by way of e-mails, SMS text messages, letters, etc.

Activities can have a specific PPS User and Practitioner assigned to them when they are being used and can then be scheduled for completion in the future or immediately depending on whether it is for a;

Booking confirmation to be sent to the client
Appointment reminder to be sent to the client 1 day before their appointment
Marketing mail shot (mail merge) sent to multiple clients
Consultant Discharge letter to be sent to the clients GP

Activity Templates are not only defined by the 'Activity Format' (SMS or E-mail for example) but also by the category they are based around (which is a requirement for setting up reminders, confirmations and mail shots) and the activity 'Type' which is a optional but very useful filter list that can save a lot of time searching when there are numerous templates setup within PPS.

Each Activity Template can use Merge Fields, print off an address label when printing a letter, use pre-defined HTML templates and auto-attachments for e-mails and enable the creation of a follow up template once the original template has been created and marked as completed.

Tip: If you are on v4.0.65 or newer of the software, then you can take advantage of PPS’s HTML editor, which allows you create simple but attractive graphical and style based e-mails to your contacts from appointment reminder e-mails to mass mail shot e-mails.

Activities once created appear in the Client Log for each client, as well as on the Activities List and the Task List from the ‘Activities’ PPS menu. A colours legend is used to denote activities which are as follows: Due – Green; Not yet due – Orange; Completed – Purple and Overdue (task list only) – Red.

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