SMS Message Setup

SMS AccountSMS Message Account
PPS has the option to send a single SMS message, multiple SMS messages as a mail shot (also known as mail merge) or schedule future message to be sent as part of the PPS Activities system.

SMS Messages are sent either by directly posting the message to an internet web site, or by sending a specially formatted e-mail to a preconfigured e-mail account; the provider of this e-mail account simply converts your e-mail message into an SMS message and sends it to the required recipient’s mobile phone.

Tip: It is advised that ‘Direct Posting’ is used to send out SMS messages as it is a much quicker process. Sending via E-mail should be used if you are on a network whereby internet access is restricted, but access of e-mail via Outlook is allowed.

Creating an SMS Account
An Account ID will already exist within this screen with a prefix of ‘pps55’ which is non-configurable unless the user has more than one PPS Account. The password will need to be entered in here along with the rest of your contact details as this will be used as contact information for your SMS Account.

How to send an SMS Message
There is a free to view help guide on this subject which will take you through the entire process, from creating an SMS account and purchasing credits at a discounted rate from within our software or from our website to setting up SMS appointment reminders and sending out mail shots. Click the following link to view the help guide.


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