SMS Text Message

Send SMS Text
New SMS Message PPS has the option to send an SMS message (or schedule one to be sent) as part of the PPS Activities system.

SMS Messages are sent either by using 'Direct Posting' which directly posts the message to the internet web site that you have an SMS account with which then gets received by the recipient's or by using your E-mail client which sends a specially formatted e-mail to a pre-configured e-mail account; the provider of this e-mail account simply converts your e-mail message into an SMS message and sends it to the required recipient’s mobile phone.

Third Party SMS Account
This facility requires that you have an account with a third-party SMS messaging provider – this option is available on the Tools menu in PPS. There is a small charge per message sent (the charge is similar or less than sending an SMS from your phone) - The details can be found on the providers website.

Sending a Message
To send an SMS Message, either select the option from the PPS Menu: > Activities > New SMS Message, or click on New SMS Message on the PPS Task Bar. The 'New SMS Message' screen allows a PPS user to select either a client (the client you are currently working with is automatically selected) a third party, or an anonymous contact. You can type in the subject and body of the e-mail message in the first instance.. Like all PPS Activity records, the SMS message can be scheduled to send later if required by setting the due date/time, along with a specific practitioner or group to be notified.

Activity templates
Activity templates can be optionally setup for SMS messages within PPS, which can include Merge Fields, and are often used for appointment booking confirmations and reminders, along with producing mass mailshots and follow up appointment reminders.

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