The PPS Dashboard

Using the Dashboard

To activate the dashboard feature, click view on the tool bar at the top of the screen and click "dashboard" a tick will now appear indicating that dashboard is now active.

When dashboard is turned on, a small plus sign will appear in the bottom left hand corner of the screen next to the task bar.

Clicking this will bring up a menu of features, from which you can choose to add to your dashboard.

Available Dashboard Items

From this list you can simply click on the features which you wish to add to your dashboard, one at a time and press the small plus button to the right of the list.

Customising your Dashboard

Any dashboard items that you add will then appear on your screen in the form of a colourful box, allowing you to personalise the dashboard to include the features and shortcuts which are most relevant to you.

On adding a new feature, the box will initially appear in the bottom left hand corner, to personalise your view, click the box using your mouse while holding the shift button, this allows you to drag the icon into a position of your choice on the homepage.

Dashboard Layout

Once you have selected the features you wish to have on your dashboard, and you have moved them into place, you can further customise the icons to suit your needs.

Right clicking on the icon brings up a small menu presenting you with the options "remove", "properties" and "recalculate"

Remove deletes the icon from your dashboard view, but it can be reinstated at any time.

Properties allows you to adjust the size of the icon, choosing from 3 different pre-set dimensions which alter the width and height of the box, in this screen you can also select from a menu of colours.

Recalculate will refresh the values on the changeable icons, such as ‘appointments today’ or ‘payments today’ updating the icon to display the most up to date information.

Dashboard Properties

The dashboard feature allows you to add a variety of icons, some of which are shortcuts to features you may otherwise find on the task bar, such as ‘clients’, ‘appointments’ or ‘activities’ allowing quick access to some of the most commonly used features.

Dashboard Shortcuts

The other icons are mostly changeable, displaying up to the minute information on details such as ‘payments today’ and ‘next appointment details’ allowing you to keep track of vital information at a glance.

Once your dashboard is set up, you can turn this feature on and off without losing the set-up. If turned off dashboard will reopen with the same icons and layout which you have previously configured when you open it again.

Access rights and dashboard

We appreciate that some of the available dashboard items may give sensitive information that you do not wish all users to have access to therefore dashboard has its own access rights settings.

You can set dashboard access rights in tools >> set-up practitioners and system users.

Highlight the practitioner whose rights you wish to edit and click modify.

PPS User Modify

Click on the access controls tab and then click settings.

Scroll to the bottom of the access rights options to find the new dashboard item options.


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