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Third Party Contact Details

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Third Party Contact List

PPS provides the ability to associate a variety of third-party contacts with each client. These contacts are stored in a separate list and are grouped into contact types such as Doctors, Insurance Companies, Health Authority, etc. The purpose of associating third-party contacts is that they can be used to send letters/e-mails to on behalf of the client, and also used for billing purposes.

Purpose of Third Parties

If sending a letter regarding the client, the letter can include name/address merge fields for a third party contact type such as Doctors name/address. This means that when you send the letter, the doctor associated with the selected client will be the recipient of the letter. If the client does not have a doctor associated with them, then you can select one as you are sending the letter, and select to “always associate this doctor with this client” for future letters. Alternatively you can associate the third party with the client (read on for further details).

Each client can have an unlimited number of different types of third party contacts associated with them.

Adding or Modifying a Third Party - Personal Details

Each third party compromises of three sections. The first section is for the unique name of the third party, for instance the name, salutation and title of a Doctor or the contact name and department of a contact at an Insurance Company.

Adding or Modifying a Third Party - Company Details

The company details will hold the company name, address and contact numbers of the third party itself. When entering the name of the company, the system will do an auto-search to see if the company already exists on the system or not - if no matches are found, then the details can be entered.

If details of a similar company are found, then you have the choice of continuing to enter in the new details - however if adding in a new personal contact to a company that already exists, then the existing company can be selected, which will auto-complete the company details section with any existing information.

Adding or Modifying a Third Party - Account Settings

Each individual third party can have additional prompts and notes assigned, which will view on the appropriate account screens. There are also further billing options selectable regarding credit limits and warnings based on the specific third party contact.

Adding or Modifying a Third Party – Contact Preferences

The contact preferences screen allows you to assign default appointment confirmation/DNA templates to the third party. When booking or cancelling an appointment for a client (via the treatment episode) who is associated with this third party, an email will be sent to the third party who is paying for this particular appointment.

Associating Third Parties with Clients

This can be done in the ‘contacts’ section of the client details screen by clicking ‘add a contact’. You can then search for an existing third party or create a new one by clicking the 'house' button.


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