Using Cash Desk

Cash Desk

Task Bar -> Cash Desk or <F11> or Accounts -> Cash Desk or <Cash Desk> (When completing an appointment or consultation)

PPS Cash Desk is a “point-of-sale” type screen that can be used to quickly create charges, invoices and payments all in one step.


If you have not already selected a client then type in their client number or click <Search> to locate the client.


Cash Desk will display the associated practitioner, which can be changed by clicking the Practitioner <Down Arrow>.  It will also show you any outstanding invoice and un-invoiced charges balances.  You can introduce these balances as part of the Cash Desk transaction by clicking <Unpaid Balances (n*)> and/or <Other Charges (n*)> that will then appear in the Cash Desk transaction list in the left hand side of the screen.

For example: a client maybe paying for today’s consultation but you notice that there is an outstanding invoice from their previous consultation.  Click <Unpaid Balances (1)> and then create the new charge for today’s consultation.  You can then record a single payment to settle the whole amount.

* n = The number of outstanding invoices or charges.

Creating a Charge


If the charge is one of your regular charges then click the appropriate charge button on the right of the screen or click <More> if that charge does not appear in the first six charge buttons.  (See Accounts -> Standard Charges and Stock Items in the Setting up PPS Guide.)

Otherwise either enter the charge code in the Enter Code field or enter * to display a full list of your charges.  You can then select the relevant charge by highlighting it and clicking <Select>.

The new charge will then be displayed in the Cash Desk transaction list.
You can also use a bar code scanner to enter codes from products you are selling. We have a "setting up shop" help guide that explains these features in more detail. Search for EPOS in our Help & Support Knowledge Base!



If you wish to add more than one of the same charge item then enter the quantity in the Enter Code field, click <Quantity> and then select the charge.  The quantity will be shown in the charge description.



You can apply a discount, either as a percentage discount to the previous item, to all items or apply a fixed discount amount.

Click <Discount>, select the type of discount, enter the percentage or amount and press <Enter>

The discount line is displayed in the Cash Desk transaction list.


When you have completed entering your charge or charges you can either create an invoice or record a payment.

If the payment is going to be made at a later date click <Cash Desk Complete! Process your selected transactions…> to create the invoice and exit Cash Desk.  You will be prompted to print the invoice.

If you are recording a payment at the same time then click <Payment>. 

Modifying a Charge


If you wish to change the description or cost of a charge double click the relevant charge in the list.  The charge will be temporarily removed from the list to allow you to make your changes.  Press <Enter> to return the updated charge to the list.


Recording a Payment


After clicking <Payment> the buttons on the left of the screen change from charge buttons to payment method buttons with the most popular ones at the top.  (See Accounts -> Payment Methods in the Setting up PPS Guide.)


If there are funds available i.e. the client has paid in advance then the top button will show <Funds available on Account = £n>.

Click this button to pay off the current charges using the clients available funds.

* n = The amount of available funds.


To record a new payment, click the relevant <Payment Method> button.  The payment method and amount is displayed on the left.  The amount paid defaults to the outstanding balance.


You can change the payment amount and then press <Enter> to confirm the payment.

The new payment or payment on account will be displayed in the Cash Desk transaction list.


Recording Change.

If the payment is for more than the current balance Cash Desk will display the change.  If they require change i.e. this is not an advance payment then un-tick the Change Held on Account box.  If the client wishes to pay for consultations in advance record the full payment amount and make sure that the Change Held on Account box is ticked.

Removing Items


You can remove any unwanted items from the list by highlighting them and clicking <Remove>.

Resetting Cash Desk


You can clear Cash Desk completely by clicking <Reset>.


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