Using Expenditure Management

PPS Expense and Recording Practice Expenditure

Accounts -> Expenditure Management

Expenditure Management is an optional PPS module.  If not purchased then the title bar will show Unregistered.  It will have full functionality but restricted to a limited number of entries.

The Expenditure List


When you first enter the screen a list of expense entries are displayed.  The screen defaults to displaying a list of expenses for all suppliers and all practitioners.  Click the Supplier <Down Arrow> and/or practitioner fields to select an individual supplier/practitioner.


You can further filter this list ticking/un-ticking the Include paid and not paid include boxes in the top left corner of the screen.  You can also select which expense types you wish to view by clicking Show List and selecting the ones you wish to include.  For example: Stationary, Postage, Medical Supplies etc

Creating a new Expense Record


Click <New> to display the Add New Expenditure Record.



Either select a current supplier or enter the name of the new supplier.  When entering a new supplier, the List of Suppliers screen is displayed.  Click <Add> to create the new supplier and enter the other details related to the supplier, a supplier id, the address, tax code, registration number and expense type.

Once a supplier is selected, the other information relating to the supplier is displayed.




The date defaults to today but can be changed.


Select the practitioner related to the purchase.


Select the location if you have more than one clinic or place of work.





Item Details.

Enter the code, unit cost, expense type (if different from the default), description, quantity and VAT code.  The code you enter is used for subsequent purchases of the same item and works in the same way as a charge code.


Payment details.

If you have not yet paid for the item then you can modify the expense record later to include the payment details.

Otherwise enter who paid (any new payee will automatically be added to the list), the date and any other payment details.  For example, a cheque number etc.


The notes field is available to record any further information relating to the expense.


Click <OK> to save the new expense record.

Modifying an existing Expense Record


Highlight the expense record and click <Modify> to display the Modify Expense screen.

Deleting an Expense Record


Highlight the expense record and click <Delete>. Click <OK> to confirm deletion.


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