Walk In List and Pre-Booked Appointments

Walk In List


Walk In List View Options
Within the Walk In List screen, the viewing options will show all room and diary user information by default - this can be changed by selecting specific rooms and diary users. The current PPS user logged in will also be displayed, and the room they are in will also be selectable from the drop down menu if they are set up on the system as a diary user.

Status Selection
Patients added to the list will always show up as the colour green to define that they have newly arrived - the 'legend' to the colour definitions are shown on the left hand side menu. This can optionally be used to breakdown the list to specific clients with a particular status. Below this, there are further options to define between clients who have walked in, and clients that have pre-booked.

The height of the columns on the walk in list can be adjusted to suit your viewing requirements by clicking and dragging on the row denominator.

Clients on the Walk In List
Patients are added to the list using the 'New' button. This will prompt the book in screen to pop up allowing the user to fill in their specific information regarding the client - for instance, who Creating new appointmentthey are seeing, and in which room they may be seeing them in. Clients currently on the list are then called, which will automatically mark them as 'Being Seen'. Doing this then allows the client to either be marked as completed, or if required, re-assigned to a new practioner or room, if the current appointment selection made for them with a specific practioner, location or room is not available.

At any time patients can be marked as not attending - this is used to pre-booked appointments whereby clients do not turn up. This will give further you options to give reason(s) why the patient did not turn up, and also the ability to re-open the appointment slot for other clients.

Average Waiting Times
Over the course of a day, the walk in list will work out the average wait time calculated from when the client is booked in compared with the time the client is marked as 'being seen'. As more and more clients are booked in, the average time is calculated from each individual clients waiting times, to give an overall average for that day. Optionally using the appointment status and booking in selections offers the choice to see at the current time , how long all of the clients have have been seen/mark as completed have waited, compared to all the current clients still 'waiting to be seen' have waited so far.

By default, the walk in list will display the current date, but this can be changed to see previous or future days. The walk in list will automatically refresh itself as defined in your appointment diary options screen, however using the refresh button manually will instantly do this.

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