E-Mails in PPS are part of the PPS Activities system. You can send E-Mails directly from within PPS. This is dependant upon your computer being configured to use Microsoft® Outlook or Outlook Express to send e-mails. To send an e-mail, either select from the PPS Menu: Activities – Send an E-Mail, or click on Send an E-Mail on the PPS Task Bar. You can also select the <New> button from the Activities List. The Send an E-Mail screen allows you to select either a client (the client you are currently working with is automatically selected) or a third party. You can type in the subject and body of the e-mail message, and you can attach a document to the e-mail. Like all PPS Activity records, the e-mail can be scheduled to send later if required by setting the due date/time. See also: Client – E-Mail Address

This is one of the PPS Look up Tables used on the appointments diary. You can assign equipment to an appointment. This is entered on the appointment details screen. Equipment is a look up table and you set up the entries yourself. This can be used to indicate if special practice equipment needs to be used for an appointment. To set up your standard list of equipment items by select from the PPS Menu: Tools – Look up Tables, and select Equipment from the Appointments Diary Tables section. You do not have to use the Equipment entry when booking appointments if you do not need to.

Error Messages
Error messages will appear on the screen if an error occurs whilst using PPS. This error could be for a wide variety of reasons. Most errors are controlled by PPS by recording the details in an error log file. Some errors however are caused by Windows™ rather than PPS. If you are returned to the PPS Log In screen, then PPS has been able to record the error details in the log file. The log file is located in the main PPS application folder on your computer (Normally called PPSv4.0). The file is called “error.log” This file can be sent to support@rushcliff.com where the PPS support team assess all errors that are reported and organise any corrections needed to the PPS program that can be included in a new release of the program. This process ensures that any errors can be quickly identified and quickly addressed. PPS Users that have a support contract receive the benefit of being able to download each new release to PPS free of charge.

Event (Diary)
See: Diary Event

Event ID
PPS uses a unique identifier called and Event ID to link together appointments, charges and consultation records. You will sometimes have to select which other record to associate the record you are adding with. For example, if you are creating a charge record and the client for whom you are creating the charge has two appointments on that day, you will have to choose which of the two appointments the charge is related to. This central Event ID system is largely invisible during normal PPS use and is mainly used to centralise PPS reports that include details of when clients were “seen” or “last seen” etc.

See: Practice Expenditure report; PPS Expense

See: Practice Expenditure report; PPS Expense