General Notes
General Notes are recorded as part of your consultation record. The Consultation screen allows up to six notes entries to be made – the headings for the first five of these can be chosen to suit your own style of note taking, and the final notes field is referred to as “General Notes”. See: Consultation – Notes for more details.

General Notes Dictionary
PPS has two Notes Dictionaries for you to use as part of your clinical note taking: General Notes Dictionary and Treatment Notes Dictionary. These are lists of words, phrases or paragraphs of standard text that can be inserted into your consultation notes entries. You can use the General or Treatment notes dictionary from the Consultation screen notes fields. To access the dictionary from any of the six consultation notes fields, click the Right mouse button and Notes Dictionary from the list. This then shows the dictionary on the screen. You can switch between General Notes entries and Treatment Notes entries using the radio buttons along the top of the screen. The two lists are separate purely for you convenience, you only need to use one of the lists if you want. Add the entries to your notes by either double-clicking or right clicking.

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