You can run PPS on your PC Local Area Network. If you need to run PPS across a “wide network” or across the internet, then you will need to talk to your PPS supplier for details of how to do this.

If you would like to run PPS on your local network, then make sure that your PPS licence includes the appropriate number of “concurrent” users required (the number of users who can log into PPS at the same time). Extra concurrent licences can be purchased from your PPS Supplier. You are sent a new PPS Registration File each time you purchase more licences.

In order to install PPS on a PC on your network, first make sure that the location that the main PPS database is installed is “shared” on the network, and allows “other users to update files”. Doing this ensures that the “network installation” of PPS can locate the database across the network and successfully log into the database.

Also See: Installation New Look up this under the type of new record – e.g. appointment - new

Non-Availability Reasons
When blocking out individual appointment slots in the diary to make them Not Available, you can assign a reason why you are not available. This entry could typically be “Break” or “Meeting” etc. (see: Block Appointment for more details). To set up your list of Non-availability reasons, select from the PPS Menu: Tools – Look up Tables, then select Non-Availability Reasons from the Appointments Diary Section.

See: Client - Default Notes Entry

Within the PPS Activities system, you can set any activity record to “notify” you when it becomes due. To do this, the activity must have a relevant “due date”, and optionally a “due time”. If an activity has a “due time” then it will become due at that precise time. PPS can be set up to notify you during the day of activities that become due at a precise time. You can set for each systems user how often PPS checks for messages and activities. If an activity does not have a “due time”, or the activity became due whilst you were not logged into PPS, then you will be alerted about all activities that are now due when you log into PPS.