You can use the standard Windows Edit menu – Undo option to “undo” your typing whilst entering text into fields. The undo option is not available for reverting other actions such as adding new records, deleting records etc.

User Profiles
User Profiles describes information about each PPS user. This is any person who either needs to log in to PPS or is a practitioner in your clinic, or has a diary. For more details about User Profiles, see: Users – Setting Up.

Users – Setting Up
To set up PPS Users you must first be Logged In to PPS as the System Administrator. Select from the PPS Menu: Tools – Set up Systems Users. This shows a list of current users, Select a User from the list and click <Modify> or click <New> to add a new user. This shows the User Profile screen where you can enter details about the user. The screen has 5 main sections. Section 1 is the User’s full name, their Title (can be used when sending letters or printing invoices etc.), discipline (this can be used as part of your report criteria which is useful if your clinic supports several disciplines), Register No. (can be used to print on invoices). Section 2 is used to determine if the user is a Practitioner, and if they have an appointments diary – not all your users may be practitioners, nor have an appointments diary – a receptionist for example. You can also set up a commission rate that the practitioner receives. This commission rate can be superseded by entries in the Practitioner Commission Rates table (see: Commission). Section 3 sets up their log in ID and password, plus how often this user should be forced to change their password. Section 4 sets how often PPS automatically checks for messages/activities for this user when they are logged in. Section 5 controls the Access settings for the user. When you click the Access <Settings> button, the access settings screen is displayed to allow you to select which parts of PPS this user has access to.