Updating Bupa Finder

If you are using Pronto with PPS to receive electronic referrals from Bupa, it is important to ensure that the details held by Bupa are accurate and up to date.

All information regarding your clinic (ie. locations, practitioners) can be found on the Bupa Finder service: finder.bupa.co.uk 

Failing to have accurate information on the Bupa Finder service will likely result in missed bookings since your PPS details cannot be matched to their database.

If you cannot locate your clinic on Bupa Finder you will need to contact Bupa directly in order to get this setup. 

Should you need to change any of your Bupa Finder details, you will need to follow the steps below:

Updating the Bupa Finder service

You will need to use an email address which Bupa will recognise - ie. one which has already been used in previous correspondence with Bupa. You will then receive an email asking for you to click on a link to complete this verification process. 

Once your email address has been verified, you will be taken to a series of screens asking for different areas of information regarding your clinic. Please remember, the more information you provide to Bupa, the better chances there are of you receiving referrals matching your details.

Finally, when all of your information is accurate you can click confirm to update your details on the Bupa Finders service. 

Updating PPS 

You need to ensure that the information you have entered or updated on Bupa Finder matches the information you have in PPS. For example, if your clinic is named "The Physio Clinic" on Bupa Finder however your PPS details are set to "The Physiotherapy Clinic" this may cause issues in matching. 

The same validation applies to individual locations and practitioner names. Thus, "Mr J Bloggs" would not be the same as "Mr Joe Bloggs". You should aim to have all details matching perfectly. 

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