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  1. Saving to and from PPS Hosted/Accessing Local Drives If you are accessing a PPS Hosted system then you may require access to the drives and folders on your local computer. This enables you to save to and attach from your PC direct to your PPS system hosted on our servers. The following guide details a... Read More
  2. Accessing PPS Express and Changing your Password You can access PPS Express by visiting (if you are entering the address manually then you can also use Simply enter your username and password and click Login. Once logged i... Read More
  3. Clinical Notes The Clinical Notes facility in PPS is available in the “Professional” version of PPS. This includes areas to record your Clinical Notes, manage Treatment Episodes, complete specific forms (Custom Forms) including body charts, your own questionnai... Read More
  4. Accounts Screen General Accounts The PPS Accounts system includes facilities for you to bill your clients, or third parties, record payments received, and manage all invoices that are overdue for payment. The Accounts are itself is the main hub of t... Read More
  5. Invoice List Invoices to Include The Invoice / Receipts list is your full list of invoices that you have produced. Each invoice in the list is allocated a number – the number sequence can be set up from the General System Options. On the Invoices / R... Read More
  6. Charges List Charges to Include The Charges list is your full list of charges that you have created. Using the left hand side of the screen, you can select which charges to include from 'Not Invoiced', 'Invoiced, Not Paid' and '... Read More
  7. Payments List Payments Received The payments list is your full list of payments that have been created. Using the left hand side of the screen, you can select which payments to include in the list, from 'Not Allocated', 'Part Allocated�... Read More
  8. Expenditure Management List Expenditure Management PPS Expense is an additional module in PPS that can be used to record practice expenditure. You can enter one record per expense item including which expenditure category the item is for your accounts records. You ca... Read More
  9. Estimates List Estimates List The Estimates list is your full list of estimates that have been created. Using the left hand side of the screen, you can select to include current and/or completed estimates (which have been turned into charges). You ca... Read More
  10. Remote Admin This guide will show you how to Add, Modify, Delete and re-Synchronise PPS Remote users from within PPS. Pre-requisites to this guide are that you have a registered PPS Remote System and that you have updated to at least version v4.0... Read More
  11. Using the PPS Audit Viewer PPS maintains an audit of all updates made to the database in several key areas. The audit details captured allow the PPS system administrator account to make audit enquiries to see which PPS user has carried out which updates to the database, and pr... Read More
  12. Downloading and Installing PPS If you are a brand new PPS user and wish to install the software, please follow the steps below. Please note - If you are already using PPS then please do not install this version of PPS as this will overwrite any existing databases on your system,... Read More
  13. Look-up Tables Client and activity tables – In this section you are able to configure what selections can be made via the client details screen Clinical notes tables – In this section you can configure your consultation screen and treatm... Read More
  14. PPS Express - Admin Other PPS Express Settings: Setting a Default Diary User Changing Your Password Staying Logged In Changing Your Default Email Address Accessing PPS Express Note: This guide only applies to existing PPS Hosted users - the PPS Express Admin module i... Read More
  15. Setting Up PPS Hosted For Apple Mac Installing the free Microsoft Remote Desktop 1. Go to the following link to download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop App on your Apple Mac > 2. Once inst... Read More
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