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  1. Creating a Personal Action Creating a Personal Action Activities -> New Personal Action or Activities -> Activities List 1. Select the person responsible for the action by click... Read More
  2. [Video] How to add a new personal action Keep on top of your personal tasks by using the personal action activity ... Read More
  3. Personal Actions Personal Actions A Personal Action is a PPS Activity record. You can use a personal action as a personal reminder, or “to-do” item. A personal action can optionally be related to a client or a third-party contact. You can create a Perso... Read More
  4. Client Contact Note Client Contact Note A Client Contact Note is a PPS Activity record and very simliar to a 'Personal Action'. You can use a client contact note as a personal reminder, or “to-do” item regarding a specific patient. A client contact note c... Read More
  5. Telephone Calls Telephone Call A Telephone Call is a PPS Activity record and very simliar to a 'Personal Action' or 'Client Contact Note'. You can use a Telephone Call as a personal reminder, or “to-do” item regarding a specific patient th... Read More
  6. Using The Activities List Activities or Task Bar -> Activities Activities allow you to keep track of various client activities that are not covered by other PPS features such as clinical note taking and accounting functions. Activities include sending let... Read More
  7. Booking Confirmations Reminders And Follow Ups About client contact preferencesThe client preferences in PPS are designed to control the preferred method of contacting a client for various confirmations, reminders and mail shots that you may want to send out, be it e-mail, letter, SMS or as a sim... Read More
  8. Setting Up Appointment Diaries And Diary Views The following guide will take you through the process of setting up an appointment diary for your practioners and also how you can view your own diary on the appointments screen. Setting up a User's Appointments Diary The user setup diary... Read More
  9. Using the Task List The Task List Activities -> Task List or <Alt +F12> The PPS Task List is your own "To Do" list. It contains activities that are due today (or overdue). And optionally shows today’s activities that you have completed. ... Read More
  10. Letters Send a Letter Letters are an activity type in PPS. This option can be selected at any time to send a letter to either a client or a third-party that has been previously created on the system, or to an anonymous contact that is not on the syst... Read More
  11. Setting up your SMS Account Guide SMS Help Guide Overview The following guide will take you through the steps of creating your SMS account (1), purchasing SMS credits (2), setting up your activity templates that control what your text messages will say(3), setting up your booki... Read More
  12. Using the My Pronto Portal Using the My Pronto Portal Please note: This guide is specific to the Pronto Referral process. You will need to record your clinical notes and invoicing in PPS as per usual in addition to the below process. Future updates to Pronto will allow automat... Read More