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  1. PPS Remote Diary This guide will show you how to use PPS Remote to Book, Edit or Move an -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">Appointment and Navigate your Diary. If you are a PPS Online user or have a hosted PPS Remote system then skip the pre-requisites. ... Read More
  2. Moving an -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">Appointment Appointments –> Appointments Diary or <Ctrl A> or Task Bar -> Appointments The PPS Appointments Diary allows you to record all your client appointments, and manage your available -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">appointment times. There are a variety of diary... Read More
  3. Moving an -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">appointment Moving an -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">appointment in PPS Express If a client needs to rearrange a pre-booked -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">appointment you can simply move the existing -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">appointment to an alternative available -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">appointment slot, here’s how: Once logged in to PPS express, click ‘di... Read More
  4. Booking Confirmations Reminders And Follow Ups About client contact preferencesThe client preferences in PPS are designed to control the preferred method of contacting a client for various confirmations, reminders and mail shots that you may want to send out, be it e-mail, letter, SMS or as a sim... Read More
  5. Adding a New -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">Appointment To add a new -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">appointment, you must first be looking at the PPS appointments Diary. From here you can quickly see an empty -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">appointment slot into which to book your new -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">appointment, or you can use the search option to search for a free -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">appointment slot... Read More
  6. Appointments Diary Appointments Diary Menu The diary menu bar situated at the top of the appointments diary screen provides quick button access to creating new appointments, modifying them and deleting them. Further along the menu are options to block... Read More
  7. -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">Appointment Diary Options Appointments Diary Options The Appointments Diary Options give the PPS system users control over how the diary works, and how information is displayed in the diary. The Options screen that is displayed has 5 tabs along the top; one tab for each ca... Read More
  8. Setting up your SMS Account Guide SMS Help Guide Overview The following guide will take you through the steps of creating your SMS account (1), purchasing SMS credits (2), setting up your activity templates that control what your text messages will say(3), setting up your booki... Read More
  9. Using PPS Self Check-In PPS Self Check-In allows your patients to mark themselves as arrived for pre-booked appointments in your PPS appointments diary and also to confirm their contact details. PPS Check-in can run on any Windows tablet or PC and connects to your PPS datab... Read More
  10. Using the Admin Module for Online -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">Appointment Booking v3 Note: This guide is only relevant for Online Booking version 3 which was made available from 11/10/2016. If you acquired Online Booking before this time or have not upgraded to version 3 please see here: Using the PPS Online Booking Admin M... Read More