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  1. Adding a New -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">Appointment To add a new -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">appointment, you must first be looking at the PPS appointments Diary. From here you can quickly see an empty -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">appointment slot into which to book your new -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">appointment, or you can use the search option to search for a free -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">appointment slot... Read More
  2. Modifying / Changing an -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">Appointment Appointments –> Appointments Diary or <Ctrl A> or Task Bar -> Appointments The PPS Appointments Diary allows you to record all your client appointments, and manage your available -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">appointment times. There are a variety of diary... Read More
  3. Booking Confirmations Reminders And Follow Ups About client contact preferencesThe client preferences in PPS are designed to control the preferred method of contacting a client for various confirmations, reminders and mail shots that you may want to send out, be it e-mail, letter, SMS or as a sim... Read More
  4. Treatment Episodes All clinical notes in PPS are stored within the framework of Treatment Episodes; each time you see a client, this is a Consultation – one or more Consultations form a Treatment Episode. This allows you to see a client several times within the same ... Read More
  5. Client Details Screen Client Details The 'Client Details' screen allows the user in the first instance to create a new record, delete and existing record, search for an existing client. Once a client is selected, details can be printed off, medical history... Read More
  6. Daily Appointments List Date, Location and Practioner The date defaults to todays date, unless a different date has been chosen from the appointments diary screen. The date can be over-written if you need to look at any other set date. Locations ca... Read More
  7. Creating and Modifying Appointments -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">Appointment With The practitioner is normally selected for you based upon the column on the diary you have clicked to add the new -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">appointment to. This list is dependent on which 'System Users' are marked as a practioner within yo... Read More
  8. Blocked Appointments Non-Available -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">Appointment Slot A Block -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">Appointment is a special type of non-client -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">appointment that allows the practioner to block out their time in the diary. This can be for breaks, meetings, teaching sessions, etc. ... Read More
  9. Creating a Charge Client, Practioner and Location A charge is the first step for PPS billing. You have to create a charge before you can raise an invoice . Selecting a client and practioner is mandatory, however charge location is optional. Using locatio... Read More
  10. PPS Remote Clients This guide will show you how to use PPS Remote to Add to, Edit and Search your PPS Client database. If you are a PPS Online user or have a hosted PPS Remote system then skip the pre-requisites. Pre-requisites to this guide are t... Read More
  11. PPS Remote Diary This guide will show you how to use PPS Remote to Book, Edit or Move an -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">Appointment and Navigate your Diary. If you are a PPS Online user or have a hosted PPS Remote system then skip the pre-requisites. ... Read More
  12. BUPA Physiotherapy Tender PPS Reports BUPA Physiotherapy Tender f you are submitting a tender to BUPA as part of their review of physiotherapy providers, then your   application needs to be submitted by midnight on Friday 24 April 2009. he tender application includes various... Read More
  13. Excel Output Exporting Data from PPS into Excel The reports section of PPS is a very important feature, whether it be for simple daily -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">appointment statistics or monthly charges raised. However even though there is a vast amount of information to report... Read More
  14. Activity Templates Activity Templates are a key part of PPS. Whether you are sending out a client letter, an e-mail to thousands of your patients or confirming an -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">appointment booking via SMS, you will inevitably start using automated templates at one point or another a... Read More
  15. Label Printing In PPS, labels can be printed either to an A4 sheet, or to a dedicated label DYMO Label Writer. For A4 labels, Private Practice Software uses Avery L7162 or equivalent Address Label sheets containing 2 x 8 labels. For the DYMO Label Writer, Private P... Read More
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