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  1. Creating and Modifying Appointments Appointment With The practitioner is normally selected for you based upon the column on the diary you have clicked to add the new appointment to. This list is dependent on which 'System Users' are marked as a practioner within yo... Read More
  2. Setting Up Shop PPS can be easily used in an EPOS (Electronic Point-Of-Sale) environment. While PPS is not a full-blown cash register and stock control system, it does include simple stock levels management, and can be used to serve your clients in “shop-style” ... Read More
  3. Using the PPS Online Booking Admin Module With the introduction of PPS online booking admin, you are able to manage your online booking settings all from one convenient screen! To locate your online booking admin tool, simply click on to tools>>online booking admin. This will o... Read More
  4. Diary Events Diary events allow for single bookings that contain multiple attendees. They can be used to demonstrate that a room or practitioner is booked for a class, meeting, or event. Events allow you to easily view and modify attendees and bill them individua... Read More
  5. Holding List The PPS Appointments Diary has a holding list available which you can use to record clients who are waiting for a future appointment slot or cancellation. Clients can be added to the holding list with a description of what they are holding for, be th... Read More
  6. Using the Admin Module for Online Appointment Booking v3 Note: This guide is only relevant for Online Booking version 3 which was made available from 11/10/2016. If you acquired Online Booking before this time or have not upgraded to version 3 please see here: Using the PPS Online Booking Admin M... Read More
  7. Adding and Updating a Consultation Adding a consultation Based on an Appointment There are two ways to start a consultation in association with an appointment. 1.Go to your appointments diary, click the appointment and select 'Start Consultation'. 2. Search for ... Read More