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  1. Creating a Charge Client, Practioner and Location A charge is the first step for PPS billing. You have to create a charge before you can raise an invoice . Selecting a client and practioner is mandatory, however charge location is optional. Using locatio... Read More
  2. [Video] Create a charge A charge is the first step for PPS billing. You have to create a charge before you can raise an invoice  ... Read More
  3. Deleting a Charge Deleting a Charge You can delete a charge in several ways depending on whether the charge has been invoiced or not. Deleting a non-invoiced charge 1. ... Read More
  4. [Video] Creating a charge and invoice A helpful video that takes you through creating a charge and then raising an invoice ... Read More
  5. Creating a Multi-Charge Item PPS now includes the ability to create “multiple standard charges” on your ‘List of Standard Charges’ screen. This new option allows you to set up a Standard Charge item which is actually a collection of other standard charges from yo... Read More
  6. Modifying a Charge Modifying a Charge You can modify a charge in several ways depending on whether the charge has been invoiced or not. Modifying a non-invoiced charge 1. ... Read More
  7. Appointment Completion Appointment Completed When an appointment is marked as completed (Either from the Appointment diary, Appointments Daily list screen or the Clients Log) The 'Appointment Completed' Screen will open up with the options of raising a... Read More
  8. Commission Rates Setting up this feature will allow your practioners to receive commission based on various types of treatments they conduct in an individual basis. The guide will firstly take you over the process of setting up a basic overall commission for your pra... Read More
  9. Completing an Appointment Appointments –> Appointments Diary or <Ctrl A> or Task Bar -> Appointments The PPS Appointments Diary allows you to record all your client appointments, and manage your available appointment times. There are a variety of diary ... Read More
  10. Creating Charges Creating a Charge Charges can be created from several different areas within PPS dependant on what you are currently doing.You can create a charge on completion of a consultation or appointment.You can create a charge at anytime, provided you have s... Read More
  11. Modifying an Invoice Modifying an Invoice Accounts screen, Accounts ->Invoice/Receipts List or the Client Log. 1. From any of the screens mentioned above, highlight the invoice and clic... Read More
  12. How to process a Refund or Credit Credits & Refunds If you need to process a refund in PPS this will fall into one of three categories depending upon the circumstances of the refund and what accounts transactions you have already recorded for the client. The thre... Read More
  13. Price Profiles Price profiles allow you to create a record of one charge with differing costs based on practitioner, location or invoicee. This feature keeps your list of standard charges to a minimum and reduces the risk of error, helping you to utilise PPS as eff... Read More
  14. Applying Discounts to Charges Discounts can be applied to a charge at item level. As each charge is created the unit cost is multiplied by the quantity to give a Cost figure. You can then apply a discount to this to give the Net charge amount. This new discount option can be used... Read More
  15. Adding Standard Charges and Stock Items This guide details how you can add standard charges and stock items to your PPS system. Use these to charge for treatments or goods. Navigate to Tools > Look Up Tables and select Standard Charges and Stock Items. Choose open or double click. ... Read More
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