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  1. BUPA Physiotherapy Tender PPS Reports BUPA Physiotherapy Tender f you are submitting a tender to BUPA as part of their review of physiotherapy providers, then your   application needs to be submitted by midnight on Friday 24 April 2009. he tender application includes various... Read More
  2. Excel Output Exporting Data from PPS into Excel The reports section of PPS is a very important feature, whether it be for simple daily appointment statistics or monthly charges raised. However even though there is a vast amount of information to report... Read More
  3. Setting up your SMS Account Guide SMS Help Guide Overview The following guide will take you through the steps of creating your SMS account (1), purchasing SMS credits (2), setting up your activity templates that control what your text messages will say(3), setting up your booki... Read More
  4. PPS Reports Reports PPS includes many different reports that any user can run that present information accumulated from various parts of the system. There is a variety of other print-outs that you can produce from PPS that are not included in the category of rep... Read More
  5. Managing Stock Batches with PPS PPS can be used in an EPOS (Electronic Point-Of-Sale) environment. While PPS is not a dedicated cash register and stock control system, it does include simple stock levels management and can be used to serve your clients in a “shop-style” at your... Read More
  6. Appointments Reports Appointments Reports can be located under the Reports & Mail Merge option in PPS. When you select the Appointments tab you will be presented with a list of different standard reports. These are broken down b... Read More