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  1. Backing Up This Help guide explains how to back up your data from within PPS. It is recommended that you backup your data at least once per day and also you should copy the backup onto an external drive. This is to make sure that if your PC has any issues (hard... Read More
  2. Downloadable Custom Forms & Text Sets Below is our directory of frequently requested custom forms and texts sets. If there is a form/text set which you would like to use in your PPS system, simply download it and upload it into your database! Note: The Pro version of PPS is requir... Read More
  3. Clinical Notes The Clinical Notes facility in PPS is available in the “Professional” version of PPS. This includes areas to record your Clinical Notes, manage Treatment Episodes, complete specific forms (Custom Forms) including body charts, your own questionnai... Read More
  4. Custom Forms Custom Forms is part of PPS Clinical Notes. You can design, create and use forms to collect information about your clients. All forms are accessed from the Consultation screen. Typical examples for use of forms are: Clinical notes records, clinical d... Read More
  5. Backup Backing Up PPS provides the ability to backup your data from within the software. The backup of data can be used in conjunction with the “Restore” option if a systems data ever needs to be restore after a computer failure or malfunction. ... Read More