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  1. Banking and Reconciliation List Banking and Reconciliation List The banking and reconciliation list is an area within PPS that records your weekly or monthly banking dates for cash, cheques and so forth. This helps keep record in the event of a financial report or statement tha... Read More
  2. Look-up Tables -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">Client and activity tables – In this section you are able to configure what selections can be made via the -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">client details screen Clinical notes tables – In this section you can configure your consultation screen and treatm... Read More
  3. Accounts Screen General Accounts The PPS Accounts system includes facilities for you to bill your clients, or third parties, record payments received, and manage all invoices that are overdue for payment. The Accounts are itself is the main hub of t... Read More
  4. Invoice List Invoices to Include The Invoice / Receipts list is your full list of invoices that you have produced. Each invoice in the list is allocated a number – the number sequence can be set up from the General System Options. On the Invoices / R... Read More
  5. Charges List Charges to Include The Charges list is your full list of charges that you have created. Using the left hand side of the screen, you can select which charges to include from 'Not Invoiced', 'Invoiced, Not Paid' and '... Read More
  6. Statement of Accounts Statement of Account A Statement of Account can be printed for any selected -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">client or third-party account. This will show all, or a range of, transactions on the -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">client account, and any outstanding balance. The statement of account is available from... Read More
  7. Payments List Payments Received The payments list is your full list of payments that have been created. Using the left hand side of the screen, you can select which payments to include in the list, from 'Not Allocated', 'Part Allocated�... Read More
  8. Creating a Charge -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">Client, Practioner and Location A charge is the first step for PPS billing. You have to create a charge before you can raise an invoice . Selecting a -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">client and practioner is mandatory, however charge location is optional. Using locatio... Read More
  9. Raising an Invoice. All Invoicees, All Dates The 'Raise Invoice' screen allows multiple invoices to be raised at once. Highlighting individual invoices (that are not yet raised) will show the individual charges associated with that invoice in the... Read More
  10. Expenditure Management List Expenditure Management PPS Expense is an additional module in PPS that can be used to record practice expenditure. You can enter one record per expense item including which expenditure category the item is for your accounts records. You ca... Read More
  11. Estimates List Estimates List The Estimates list is your full list of estimates that have been created. Using the left hand side of the screen, you can select to include current and/or completed estimates (which have been turned into charges). You ca... Read More
  12. Walk In List and Pre-Booked Appointments   Walk In List View Options Within the Walk In List screen, the viewing options will show all room and diary user information by default - this can be changed by selecting specific rooms and diary users. The current PPS user log... Read More
  13. Archived Activities Archived Activity List The Archive option allows you to archive your older activity records. Once you have archived your activities, they can still be accessed both from here and through the PPS -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">Client Log for each -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">client. Viewing A... Read More
  14. Split Billing When an invoice is sent to a third-party, and the invoice includes charges for a single -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">client, you can split the invoice balance between the -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">client and the third-party. This means that payments can be recorded on the -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">client account and the third par... Read More
  15. Custom Form Merge Fields One of the newer features of PPS (v4.0.55 and onwards) takes merges fields to the next level by being able to use them within custom forms. You can define as many questions as you need to use merge fields, which enables you to automatically send the ... Read More
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