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  1. Expenditure Management Help Guide Expenditure Management Expenditure Management is an optional PPS Module. With it you can record the expenses of your business, from sundries, to gas and electric bills - even staff wages. Furthermore from the infor... Read More
  2. Split Billing When an invoice is sent to a third-party, and the invoice includes charges for a single client, you can split the invoice balance between the client and the third-party. This means that payments can be recorded on the client account and the third par... Read More
  3. Booking Confirmations Reminders And Follow Ups About client contact preferencesThe client preferences in PPS are designed to control the preferred method of contacting a client for various confirmations, reminders and mail shots that you may want to send out, be it e-mail, letter, SMS or as a sim... Read More
  4. Custom Forms Custom Forms is part of PPS Clinical Notes. You can design, create and use forms to collect information about your clients. All forms are accessed from the Consultation screen. Typical examples for use of forms are: Clinical notes records, clinical d... Read More
  5. Client Browse Client Browse The Client Browse screen is a way of scrolling through all your client records in a spreadsheet style view. This screen allows you to select the “order” of the list, and then view them in the order you've ch... Read More
  6. Accounts Screen General Accounts The PPS Accounts system includes facilities for you to bill your clients, or third parties, record payments received, and manage all invoices that are overdue for payment. The Accounts are itself is the main hub of t... Read More
  7. Excel Output Exporting Data from PPS into Excel The reports section of PPS is a very important feature, whether it be for simple daily appointment statistics or monthly charges raised. However even though there is a vast amount of information to report... Read More
  8. Label Printing In PPS, labels can be printed either to an A4 sheet, or to a dedicated label DYMO Label Writer. For A4 labels, Private Practice Software uses Avery L7162 or equivalent Address Label sheets containing 2 x 8 labels. For the DYMO Label Writer, Private P... Read More
  9. Setting Up Appointment Diaries And Diary Views The following guide will take you through the process of setting up an appointment diary for your practioners and also how you can view your own diary on the appointments screen. Setting up a User's Appointments Diary The user setup diary... Read More
  10. Setting Up Users And Appointment Diaries Setting up system users and diary users is one of the most important aspects of PPS, and it’s worth making sure that everyone is set up correctly from the start, from simply giving them the correct Discipline, access control settings and even d... Read More
  11. Using the PPS Audit Viewer PPS maintains an audit of all updates made to the database in several key areas. The audit details captured allow the PPS system administrator account to make audit enquiries to see which PPS user has carried out which updates to the database, and pr... Read More
  12. Printing the Appointments Diary Appointments –> Appointments Diary or <Ctrl A> or Task Bar -> Appointments The PPS Appointments Diary allows you to record all your client appointments, and manage your available appointment times. There are a variety of diary ... Read More
  13. Sending a Letter Sending a Letter Activities -> Send a Letter or Task Bar -> Send a Letter or Activities -> Activities List 1. Select the person responsible for the... Read More
  14. Searching for a Client Selecting/Searching for a Client Record This can be done in several ways.  PPS always remembers the last client you selected and will use that client in any screen until you change the client. ... Read More
  15. Walk In List and Pre-Booked Appointments   Walk In List View Options Within the Walk In List screen, the viewing options will show all room and diary user information by default - this can be changed by selecting specific rooms and diary users. The current PPS user log... Read More
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